10 in 1 Wooden Chess Board Games Slide Out Checkers House Unit Set

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Tired of losing your board games or maybe you could never decide on what you wanted to play? Whatever the case may be, we’re bringing back ten (10) classic board games in 1 unit, letting you keep everything nice and tidy while providing variety and fun across all boards!

Matching the everything-in-one-place appeal that modern gadgets provide, challenge your kids and friends to a healthy game of chess, backgammon, or parcheesi. There are enough choices to last for weeks of entertainment - an investment well taken! Not only are these board games fun, they challenge the mind and aid in the development of children and in the maintenance of neural pathways in the elderly!

Take your chances and roll the dice for a win today!


  • Wooden slide-out boards
  • Storage and organization
  • Beautiful design
  • Ten classic games    
    • Backgammon
    • Chess
    • Checkers
    • Chinese Checkers
    • Mancala
    • Parcheesi
    • Pass Out
    • Snakes & Ladders
    • Solitaire
    • Tic-Tac-Toe

Accessories included:

  • Chess Pieces
  • Red/Black Checker Pieces
  • Brown/Black Game Pieces
  • Multi-coloured Game Token
  • Multi-coloured Mancala Stones
  • Multi-coloured Game Balls
  • 3 dice


  • Dimensions: (L x W x H) 32.8 x 32.8 x 15cm
  • Package weight: 4.8kg
  • Brown in colour
  • Plywood construction

Note: Colour may vary,   Delivery within Australia only

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