About Us

About Us

Welcome to www.shopperscollective.com where you will find  deals & everyday discounts on the top selection of today's online products! As one of the  Australian online department stores, we're 100% Australian owned and operated. By shopping with us, you can save anywhere off retail price. You name it, we've got it!

But why shop at shopperscollective First hears our story.  It all started with one Australian  wanting to find a way to shop and save online. he saw that online retailers weren't always dedicated to giving their customers the best online experience possible. So they set out with a simple mission: give the people what they want & give it to them at an everyday affordably low cost. These two modest ideas started them on the road to shopperscollective. It's that simple. Our vision started..

And so now, with a dedicated professional staff we share that same spirit of savings with our customers. We maintain the best online retail experience and a superb reputation through our commitment to our staff, our distribution teams and our manufacturers. By working with and assisting our manufacturers, we cut out the need for a middle man and pass the saving directly on to you! Shopping at shopperscollective means you get the top-tier quality. Or, as we like to say, "Bargains you looking fore

But why shop at shopperscollective What can we offer you retail outlets cannot? best prices that beat the other retailers, with shopperscollective you get several added advantages. With us you get unparalleled customer service & commitment to customer satisfaction. We thrive on word of mouth and our company depends upon you having a marvelous shopping experience with us. As such, we are dedicated to constantly improving and maintaining our sterling reputation for customer service. Simply put, with us, you get support, service and assistance that will leave you smiling as you save.

But it isn't all about prices with us. At shopperscollective you get an variety of products for every aspect of your life. products over a wide range of categories, you'll never run out of choices. And we're still going! We add new products every day and are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting worldwide products to offer at our best prices.

Plus, with shopperscollective, you get the convenience of shopping at home without the hassle and crowds of retail outlets, markets and shopping malls. And with our advanced encryption, security services and state of the art SSL, you can shop assured your information is protected from unauthorized usage. With us, confidential information remains confidential. We'll never share your personal information, nor will we sell it or distribute it. That's a promise. With us, you get secure accounting, secure credit card transactions and a commitment to privacy.

shopperscollective shopping means expedient shopping! With 96% of our orders being dispatched the very next business day, you can tell we mean what we say! We want you to get it fast and we ship to please with parcel tracking, shipping insurance and a full refund policy for lost parcels. Stick with us and you'll have a shopping experience that is convenient, efficient and crazily cheap!

With our Core Values, our dedication to our customers & our desire to always be improving, shopperscollective isn't just another online shopping site. We practice what we preach. And our practice helps you shop & save in ways you never dreamed. As we like to say, "Bargains"