Magic Color Changing Pens

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Change and erase color like magic! Perfect for putting magical idea to paper


  • Transform regular drawings into magical works of art.
  • Not only is this perfect for fixing any drawing, but you can get creative with negative space or secret messages.
  • The Color Change Pens write the color of the pens barrel, but will magically change to the color of the cap with a touch of the White Magic Pen. Eraser Pens write the color of the pen's barrel, but will magically erase with the touch of the Magic White Pen.
  • Use on any paper including coloring books. Colors never smudge or run
  • Kit includes 20 markers including 9 Color-Changing Pens; 9 Eraser Pens; and 2 Magic White Pens. Also, included are Magic Stencils, a Storage Stand and a bonus Blow Pen attachment.


  • Amazing color changing pens
  • Erase color like magic
  • Write & decode secret messages
  • Washable and non-toxic
  • Stencils and storage stand included
  • Use on any paper
  • Great for Coloring books
  • For ages 4+​

Magic Color Changing Pens


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